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Fort Lauderdale Drug Crime Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Drug Crime Lawyer
Fort Lauderdale Drug Crime Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Drug-related offenses are some of the most commonly prosecuted crimes in the Fort Lauderdale area and throughout Florida. Any drug offense has the potential to lead to harsh penalties, including fines, jail time, and a loss of your rights, and you could also face a host of long-term personal and professional consequences. Therefore, it’s crucial to know your legal options in this difficult situation and the value of having reliable legal counsel advise you through your proceedings.

Reliable Criminal Defense Counsel for Drug Crimes in Fort Lauderdale

Prya Murad Law, LLC, is a team of experienced Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorneys who can provide the reassurance and support needed in this challenging situation. Attorney Murad and her team routinely assist clients facing all manner of drug-related criminal charges. Our firm’s success is thanks to our commitment to client-focused defense representation. We take the time to listen to your story and address the key areas of concern present in your case, and we are often able to reach much better results than our clients initially expect.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

The US Constitution upholds two very important rights that apply to anyone facing criminal charges. First is the Fifth Amendment’s protection against self-incrimination. As soon as you are placed under arrest for any crime, you have the right to remain silent. The police cannot coerce you to sign a confession or provide any type of official statement. However, they will record everything you say, and anything you say during or after arrest and booking could be used against you in your impending criminal trial.

Take full advantage of your right to remain silent until you are able to exercise your right to legal representation. The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to defense counsel when you are charged with a crime, even if you cannot afford to hire a private defense attorney or if you do not wish to pay a private defense attorney’s fees. The court can appoint a public defender to your case free of charge, but it is always best to hire private defense counsel if you have the means to do so.

When you choose a trustworthy private Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorney, it is essential to find one with experience handling cases like yours. The right attorney can dramatically improve your experience with the criminal court system, and they may be able to identify opportunities to have your case dismissed outright, depending on the unique details of your arrest and booking. Even if you know you broke the law, a Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorney can help you uncover every avenue of defense that may mitigate your penalties if convicted.

Understanding Florida’s Drug Charge Penalties

Florida enforces strict penalties for drug offense convictions, and the state adheres to the federal drug Schedule system enforced by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The most serious drug offenses pertain to Schedule I drugs like heroin, followed by less serious substances at Schedule II such as cocaine and methamphetamine. The severity of the penalties you could face in a drug offense case typically hinges on the type and quantity of the substance in question and whether you intended the drug for personal use or for sale to others. Most of the drug charges prosecuted in Florida pertain to:

  • Simple possession. If you are caught with any illicit substance intended for personal use, this is illegal under state law, and the penalty you face hinges on the Schedule of the substance, the quantity you had in your possession, and your prior drug offense record.
  • Possession with intent to sell. If you were arrested with a large amount of illegal drugs and paraphernalia indicating you intended to sell the drugs, you would face much harsher penalties than you would for simple possession.
  • Drug trafficking. “Trafficking” refers to transporting drugs for sale across state or county lines. It’s likely for this offense to qualify as a felony depending on the distance you traveled, and if you crossed state or international lines, you could easily face prosecution in federal court.
  • Drug cultivation or manufacture. It is illegal to grow and harvest illicit drugs such as cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, and it is illegal to manufacture processed drugs like crack cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. Most drug manufacturing and cultivation offenses qualify for felony status in Florida.

It is important to remember that it is very common for individuals charged with drug-related offenses to face multiple charges. For example, if you were arrested in possession of illicit drugs, a large amount of cash, and an illegally owned firearm, you would likely face multiple charges for possession with intent to sell and/or to traffic, along with a charge for the firearm offense.

Some drug cases involve the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. This law aims to break down organized crime networks, and many illegal drug operations require the participation of multiple parties. The RICO Act enables the criminal justice system to target and dismantle these networks by charging all members of a conspiracy for the actions of each member.

How Your Fort Lauderdale Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Can Help

It’s natural to feel as though the whole criminal justice system is working against you when you have been charged with any drug offense in Fort Lauderdale. However, the sooner you connect with an experienced Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorney, the more likely they are to find your best options for defense.

Successfully avoiding conviction in your case may require proving you could not have committed the offense in question with a solid alibi, proving the drugs in question did not actually belong to you or highlighting procedural errors on the part of the arresting officers. However, when you know you are guilty of the offense in question, and the prosecution has more than enough evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, your defense team will still be invaluable due to their ability to argue on your behalf for a lighter sentence and/or reduced charge.

Prya Murad Law, LLC, can provide the comprehensive defense representation you need in this challenging situation. Our firm has helped many past clients overcome their drug offense cases, and we can leverage this professional experience on your behalf in your impending case.

FAQs About Fort Lauderdale, FL Drug Crime Law

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Fort Lauderdale Drug Crimes Defense Attorney?

Most criminal defense attorneys charge their clients by the hour, and they track the time spent working on a client’s case in 10- or 15-minute increments. This means that the more time the attorney must spend working on the client’s case, the more it costs the client. Always verify a prospective attorney’s billing policy before you agree to their representation so you know what to expect in terms of your legal fees.

Will I Go to Jail for a First Drug Offense?

It is possible to face jail time for a first drug offense if the offense qualifies as a felony or if you committed other criminal acts in relation to the drug charge, such as a firearms-related offense. However, if you were arrested for simple possession and it is your first arrest, or if you can demonstrate that you clearly suffer from a substance abuse disorder, a judge may be willing to sentence you to mandatory counseling and/or rehabilitation instead. Working with an experienced Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorney is the best way to mitigate the penalties you face if convicted.

How Long Does a Drug Possession Case Take to Complete?

The criminal justice system can move faster than you may expect, and a defendant has the right to a speedy trial. However, many variables can arise that complicate criminal court proceedings, and it is possible for litigation to drag on for several months. Your Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorney can provide an estimate of your case’s most likely timetable and may help you expedite your proceedings in various ways.

Is It Worth Hiring a Fort Lauderdale Drug Crimes Defense Attorney?

Never underestimate the importance of your right to legal counsel when you have been charged with any criminal offense. A drug offense conviction may not only carry a harsh penalty but also interfere with your life in various other ways. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what an experienced attorney can offer in terms of helping you avoid conviction if possible or mitigate your penalty if necessary. Investing in the services of an experienced Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorney can dramatically improve the outcome of your case.

What Happens if I’m Arrested for Drugs That Don’t Belong to Me?

In the event that you are arrested for any drug-related offense pertaining to drugs that you know do not belong to you, it is crucial that you speak with a reliable Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to identify the best options for defense available to you and help you avoid conviction for a crime you did not commit.

Prya Murad Law, LLC, offers aggressive defense counsel in a wide range of drug cases. If you have been arrested in the Fort Lauderdale area for any drug offense, from simple possession to trafficking, our firm is ready to help you formulate an effective defense and avoid the worst possible penalties you could face for a conviction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Fort Lauderdale drug crimes defense attorney you can trust.

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