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Miami Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Miami Drug Trafficking Lawyer
miami drug trafficking lawyer

Miami Drug Trafficking Attorney

For anyone who finds themselves in this situation, facing criminal drug trafficking charges is a terrifying prospect. Whether you are concerned about the social consequences of these charges or the stress of being convicted and sentenced to prison, drug trafficking charges can drastically alter your life. That is why, if you are facing charges for drug trafficking, you need to know your rights. You should also contact an expert legal team that is ready to help you get the best possible outcome in your case.

If you are facing drug trafficking charges, you can turn to Prya Murad Law, PLLC, for a criminal defense attorney who can fight for your rights and advocate on your behalf. Our expertise in the field of drug trafficking law and reputation for passionately defending clients can be invaluable to your case.

What Is Drug Trafficking Under Florida Law?

While it can cover a variety of actions, drug trafficking occurs any time an individual illegally moves or sells controlled substances. The severity of a drug trafficking offense can vary. An upgraded drug possession offense can occur in cases where the defendant was in possession of a controlled substance over a certain size or weight. Drug trafficking also includes:

  • The act or attempt to manufacture illegal drugs.
  • The purchase or sale of large quantities of illegal drugs.
  • The transportation of a controlled substance for distribution.

Prosecuting Florida Drug Trafficking

There are several specific ways prosecutors work towards convicting defendants for drug trafficking. The prosecution must prove that:

  • You were in knowing and actual possession of the drugs that were found.
  • The specific substances found on your person were controlled substances according to Florida law.
  • The quantity of drugs discovered in your possession exceeded a certain size or weight limit.

It is also important to remember that Florida law also specifically dictates individual weight thresholds for specific drugs. For example, you may be charged with trafficking marijuana if you are in possession of over 25 pounds of it. Meanwhile, harder drugs could have a threshold as small as an ounce. Any possession of an illegal substance over this threshold will often lead prosecutors to upgrade charges from simple drug possession to drug trafficking. This means that, even if there was no intent to sell or move these substances, you could still be facing drug trafficking charges.

Commonly Trafficked Illegal Substances

Drug trafficking charges can be brought for any illegal or controlled substance, no matter the intensity of the substance itself. The most common drug trafficking charges involve street drugs such as:

  • Marijuana
  • Fentanyl
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Crack

You can also be charged with trafficking prescription drugs and controlled substances like oxycodone, hydrocodone, or even Xanax. While it is legal to possess these prescription drugs, the quantity that you have access to will be restricted.

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Florida

If you are convicted of drug trafficking charges in Miami, Florida, you will be facing a number of disastrous outcomes that will affect every aspect of your life. Florida law mandates large fines as well as minimum mandatory prison sentences of at least three years.

There are rare occasions where a conviction could lead to a life sentence, though this is typically reserved for charges brought against an individual who runs a large drug operation and partakes in a number of other illegal activities. Anything over 150 kilograms qualifies for a life sentence in Florida.

A more severe sentence can also be the result of specific terms and minimum sentences for harder drugs like cocaine. For those, there are different levels of offense based on the quantity possessed, each with specific fines and regulations. Also, it is important to know that Florida’s drug laws are some of the harshest in the country.

A drug trafficking conviction has additional consequences. You may lose custody of your child, your right to own guns and other weapons, or your ability to vote in state and national elections. The conviction will also appear on any background checks, making it more difficult to find work or even housing.

Defenses for Drug Trafficking Charges in Florida

miami drug trafficking attorney
When facing all the potential negative outcomes in a Florida drug trafficking case, it is hard to know how to proceed. The consequences you face from drug trafficking charges are steep. Having the right drug trafficking attorney is vital to your legal defense. They can secure the best possible outcome in your case and help you avoid prison.

One way you can fight your drug trafficking charges is by finding specific proof that you were not the individual who was actually in possession or control of the drug, or, alternatively, that you were unaware that you were near the illegal substance. To properly convict, the prosecution is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was actually in possession. This defense could be used if you were driving a passenger in your car, were pulled over by law enforcement, and the officer found illegal drugs on the passenger’s person or belongings. In this case, you can claim that you did not know that the drugs were present, and it will be more difficult to convict you.

In a similar example, if you are legally using another individual’s vehicle, are pulled over, and they find drugs in the car, you can claim that you did not know they were there. This will make a conviction more difficult.

It will also be more difficult for prosecutors to obtain the proof needed to convict in cases where drug trafficking charges are brought on by another individual’s overdose. You cannot be convicted based solely on suspicion; you must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Confidential Informants

A confidential informant is an individual who delivers anonymous information concerning illegal activity to the attention of law enforcement. While the prosecution often utilizes their testimony in the case against the defendant, it is occasionally beneficial for the defense team to learn more about the informant.

While rarer, there are examples where the informant has an ulterior motive when giving law enforcement information about the defendant. If the informant knows the defendant and has had a falling-out of any kind, their testimony may be called into question. It is also permissible for the defense to call the informant to the court to act as a witness. Their testimony can shed new light on their motives as well as their perspective.

It is your right in court to face your accuser, and Prya Murad Law, PLLC, can guarantee you this right. We can investigate your informant and get the information the court needs to find you innocent.

FAQs About Miami, FL Drug Trafficking Law

What Qualifies as Drug Trafficking in Florida?

According to Florida law, drug trafficking is any attempt to sell, create, purchase, hold in possession, transport, or deliver drugs over a weight threshold of illegal substances. It is one of the most serious drug crimes, and there are many federal and state laws against it. This also carries both federal and state penalties if convicted.

How Do You Beat a Drug Trafficking Charge in Florida?

You may be able to successfully defend against drug trafficking charges if you are able to prove that you were:

  • Not in possession of the drugs.
  • Unaware that the drugs were near you.

It will take a skilled attorney to properly present this argument to a jury. As the burden of proof is on the prosecutor, all your attorney needs to do is successfully convince a jury that there is a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the offense.

What Is the Mandatory Minimum Sentence for Drug Trafficking in Florida?

The minimum sentence for drug trafficking in Florida is 3 years to 25 years. Fines start at $50,000 and can be as much as $750,000. These figures depend on the severity of the offense and the number of prior offenses on your record. As these are legally mandated sentences, a judge will not be able to reduce your penalties.

Can You Get Probation for Drug Trafficking in Florida?

It is possible for first-time and non-violent offenders to seek probation. Typically, this will be the result of a plea deal. It is very likely that a plea deal will also require the defendant to take substance abuse classes. You may also be required to pay fines. It is also possible that you may be required to serve some form of alternative sentence, such as community service.

Contact Prya Murad Law, PLLC

Facing drug trafficking charges is something no one should have to go through alone. The incredible team at Prya Murad Law, PLLC, understands how to navigate the court system. We are here to treat your case with compassion. We can fight for your rights and freedom during a frightening situation in your life. We can work hard to present the strongest case on your behalf when fighting a drug trafficking charge.

Having a Miami drug trafficking lawyer fight for you is your best possible asset, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Don’t wait to get the help you need and the defense you deserve for your upcoming drug trafficking case in Miami, FL. Contact Prya Murad Law, PLLC, today and schedule your consultation.

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