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Miami DUI Lawyer

Miami DUI Lawyer
miami dui lawyer



Violating Florida traffic laws, especially those pertaining to impaired driving, can result in serious consequences. Whether you are facing a moving violation, a DUI, or some other traffic-related crime, you have a right to your day in court. While it may seem you have little chance of winning against the government, you should disregard that notion. With an experienced attorney in your corner who knows the law, how to investigate the specifics of the situation, and how to put forth compelling arguments in your defense, you may have better results than you realize are possible.

At Prya Murad Law, PLLC, we are not afraid to stand up in court and aggressively defend the rights and best interests of our clients, no matter what the accusations may be. Our Miami DUI and traffic ticket attorney is an experienced trial lawyer who has never hesitated to put forth her best efforts in seeking positive results for clients. If you have been charged with a Florida DUI, other traffic crime, or ticketed for a traffic violation, our firm is ready to create an effective and aggressive defense for you.

Ticketed for a traffic law violation or charged with a Florida DUI? Discuss the specifics of your case in a personal consultation. Contact Prya Murad Law, PLLC, online or at (305) 393-0751. Hablamos español. Serving Miami, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.


While traffic violations are not considered crimes, they still have consequences. Simply paying your traffic ticket fine is an automatic admission of guilt which can result in points added to your driving record. An accumulation of too many points can result in a license suspension. These points will also likely lead to increased auto insurance premiums. You can fight back with the help of our Miami traffic ticket lawyer who can contest the charges in court on your behalf.

Your ticket could also lead to increased auto insurance premiums, resulting in much greater insurance costs over the long term. If you lose your license due to the accumulation of too many demerit points from traffic tickets, this could impede your ability to get to work. Many people do not realize the full scope of penalties they can face by paying a traffic ticket; some are even unaware they have the option to fight their tickets.

If you are facing a traffic ticket, traffic crime, or DUI, it will cost you nothing to get legal advice from Attorney Prya Murad in a consultation. Find out how you may be able to benefit from professional representation in these traffic matters and how to get started today.


miami dui attorney
If you are issued a traffic ticket in Miami, FL, your ticket will include instructions for either paying your fine or contesting the ticket. If you choose to fight your ticket, you should contact a Miami criminal defense attorney to assist you with this process. You will need to attend a hearing in traffic court, and there is a different set of procedures for traffic court than those in standard criminal court proceedings. Most traffic offenses that lead to tickets issued in Florida do not lead to arrests though they technically qualify as criminal infractions. While still critical and worth contesting, an infraction does not carry the same significance as a misdemeanor or felony.

Traffic crimes that are charged at the misdemeanor or felony level include:

  • DUI. Most first-time offenders will face misdemeanor charges for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Miami. When it comes to alcohol, any blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or more counts as a DUI. This limit is only .04% for commercial drivers, and drivers under 21 may not operate motor vehicles with any detectable BAC. Miami police officers must establish probable cause and confirm intoxication by drugs or alcohol before conducting an arrest for DUI.
  • Reckless driving. Showing reckless disregard for the safety of others on the road in Florida is a criminal offense that can qualify as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If the defendant hurt anyone and/or caused significant property damage, they are likely to face harsher penalties.
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license. If you lose your driver’s license in Miami, FL, for any reason, you may have grounds to petition for a restricted license that will allow you to travel to and from work and handle emergencies. However, this is not an option for everyone who loses their license. If the police catch a driver operating a vehicle under a suspended or revoked license, they face fines, potential jail time, and their suspension is likely to be extended beyond its original expiration date.
  • Hit and run. Florida state law requires a driver to remain at the scene of an accident resulting in death, injury, or significant property damage. If a driver collides with another driver’s vehicle and flees the scene, or if they hit a parked vehicle and do not wait for the owner, these actions qualify as hit-and-run in Florida. Once the at-fault driver is located, they will face liability for the civil damages they caused to the defendant alongside criminal prosecution from the state.
  • Vehicular manslaughter or homicide. Florida drivers face severe legal penalties if they cause the death of another person, either negligently or intentionally. Any deliberate killing of another person is a felony in Florida, carrying a sentence of many years in state prison, heavy fines, and civil liability for a wrongful death claim from the victim’s family.

DUI is one of the most common traffic crimes. A conviction carries many serious penalties, such as hefty fines, potential jail time, probation, community service, DUI school, license suspension, and possible alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs. The overall financial toll of a DUI conviction can run into the thousands of dollars. The penalties you face will increase on second and third offenses. A third offense is charged as a felony.

Ultimately, every DUI case filed in Miami is unique, and each defendant faces different challenges when it comes to defending themselves at trial. Your attorney is an invaluable resource in this situation, and their legal guidance will help you make more informed decisions as your case unfolds.


Florida’s DUI laws are very strict, and drivers who willfully violate these laws face increasingly harsher penalties with each offense. However, it is also possible for someone to be wrongfully arrested for a DUI offense or for failures of the criminal justice system to occur, infringing upon their rights. If the police failed to conduct a lawful arrest, violated due process, or if your civil rights were violated in any way by the police or the prosecution, an experienced Miami DUI attorney is the best asset you can have.

A successful defense in this situation is likely to hinge on a combination of material evidence, witness testimony, and your attorney’s keen understanding of Florida’s DUI statutes. If you have been charged with your first DUI offense, reliable legal counsel is the best way of increasing your chances of leniency in your sentencing. Judges are often willing to grant alternative sentencing to first offenders who did not harm anyone or cause severe property damage through their actions, though this is never a guarantee.

Plea deals may also be proposed to some defendants, exchanging their guilty pleas and swifter court proceedings for lighter penalties and/or reduced charges. Again, plea agreements are not available to all DUI defendants in Miami, but the right attorney can help you secure the best possible outcome for your situation if you face a conviction for DUI. However, it’s vital to remember that if you caused harm to others through your actions or if you are facing another DUI conviction after one or more prior convictions, you are likely to be far more limited in terms of your ability to reduce your penalties.


When you choose Prya Murad Law, PLLC, to handle your DUI defense in Miami, FL, our team will take the time to learn as much as we can about the circumstances of your arrest and booking. We’ll verify the police established probable cause and followed all applicable Florida laws in their handling of your DUI case. You may need to prove that your arrest was wrongful, that the chemical test used to verify your intoxication was compromised or mishandled in some way, or that you were not actually intoxicated when your arrest occurred.

Attorney Prya Murad is ready to assist you in determining your best legal strategies when charged with DUI, a traffic violation, or a serious traffic offense in the Miami, FL, area. Our firm has years of experience interacting with local prosecutors, and we know how they tend to handle these cases. The sooner you connect with reliable defense counsel, the more time your Miami DUI attorney has to work on your defense. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with Prya Murad Law, PLLC.

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