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We invite you to browse some of our recent case results to learn more about our past successes and how we have helped people in situations similar to yours. Though prospective clients may not obtain same or similar results, we hope this shows you the excellent representation you will get from Attorney Prya Murad.

not guilty

Three Counts of Sexual Battery with a Weapon where Client faced Mandatory Life Sentence

Most recently, Prya was part of the trial team that fought a challenging sexual battery case where the client faced mandatory life in prison. Prya prepared this case with co-counsel for a year, doing everything from investigation to depositions to the jury trial. The jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict in just 90 minutes.

dismissed and
police officer held

Driving Under the Influence

Prya represented someone facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol. This individual was not a citizen of the United States and had the additional risk of immigration consequences if found guilty. Prya pursued a motion to suppress because the officer misled the client intentionally. The motion to suppress was granted. The Government had no choice but to dismiss all charges. In addition to this favorable result, the transcript from Prya’s hearing is A Brady disclosure. This means that because the officer was dishonest, the transcript from the motion to suppress hearing is disclosed every time the officer is a witness in any other case.

favorable plea

Delinquent in Possession

Prya secured a misdemeanor with in-house arrest for a young adult facing the possibility of their first adult felony conviction and prison. Prya carefully prepared depositions in order to expose the issues the Government would have in proving that the police conducted a lawful stuff. After depositions, the prosecutor was finally open to a resolution that would avoid the risk of a felony conviction and possibility of prison for this young person. The conviction would have limited this young adult’s ability to work, revoked his right to vote, and barred him for carrying a firearm.

charges dismissed

Robbery with a Firearm

Prya was part of the team that pursued a motion to suppress identification for an innocent, mentally ill young man. The client was facing a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison if found guilty. After the motion to suppress, the Government dropped all charges.

psychologist held

Inadequate Evaluation of a Child

Prya has represented children in delinquency proceedings. It is important that you hire an attorney who understands the unique issues that children face in the criminal court system. Prya represented a young man with a history of traumatic brain injury. She made a motion that he be evaluated for his competency to proceed. During one of the psychological evaluations, a court-appointed psychologist found that the child was competent after an evaluation that lasted just a few minutes. Prya filed a motion to strike the psychologist as a witness. In the middle of Prya’s cross-examination, the Government conceded. Two weeks later, that psychologist was removed from the list of court-appointed experts.

favorable plea

Immigrant Client facing Possible Deportation

Prya represented a client on a violent felony battery charge. This client had legal permanent residence in the United States and any felony charge could result in removal. After thorough investigation, it became clear that the Government would not be able to get their witnesses for a trial. Prya immediately set the case for a trial – the best way to hold the Government’s feet to the fire. Prya secured a misdemeanor plea without jail or probation. This avoided the risks of criminal and immigration-related penalties.

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