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Drug Trafficking

Drug crimes are among the most frequently prosecuted criminal offenses in Florida. These crimes can range from low-level misdemeanors based on simple possession of unlawful drugs to high-level federal felonies of interstate drug trafficking. In any drug-related criminal case, a conviction can have a lasting effect on your life due to the criminal record you will have when seeking employment, housing, professional licenses, or advanced education.


When you need to hire a private criminal defense attorney in Florida, it is vital to find a local defense lawyer who has experience handling cases like yours. You also need an attorney who knows how local prosecutors handle their cases and the unique variables you could face as your case unfolds. I handle all types of drug charges, involving illegal controlled substances and unauthorized prescription medicines. These can include drug possession, possession with intent to sell, sales and distribution, manufacture, cultivation, conspiracy, drug paraphernalia possession, and drug trafficking.

Your charges will generally depend on the nature of the offense, the number of drugs found, whether minors were involved, whether deadly weapons were involved, and whether you have prior convictions. At the state level, you may also be facing jail or prison time, fines, and probation. However, Florida has established an alternative to first-offense nonviolent drug offenders that focuses on treating addiction as opposed to punishment through incarceration.

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Drug court is a voluntary program. It involves drug treatment through individual and group counseling, regular drug testing, and attendance at support meetings while also regularly meeting with your probation officer and before a judge for case reviews. Those who successfully complete the program can avoid jail time and may avoid convictions added to their criminal record.

If you struggle with a substance abuse disorder that has led to your arrest on drug charges in Miami, it is essential to have defense counsel you can trust to assist you in securing alternative sentencing. You can get the help you need and avoid the penalties typically associated with your offense with the right attorney’s assistance. However, it will be especially important for you to avoid committing similar offenses in the future if you successfully secure an alternative sentence in drug court.


If you were caught with illegal drugs of any kind in your possession, the available defenses in this situation are likely to be minimal at best. However, if you were wrongfully charged with a drug offense you did not actually commit, it is vital that you work closely with an experienced Miami drug crimes attorney to formulate an effective defense.

The right defense attorney can make a tremendous impact on your drug case in Miami, FL. Even if your situation seems desperate and hopeless and you’re worried about the potential penalties you face, legal counsel you can trust will enable you to approach your proceedings with a clearer understanding of the legal mechanisms in play in your case.

At Prya Murad Law, PLLC, I can review your case to determine if you are eligible for the drug court program and take steps to help you seek this alternative through the court. While this option isn’t offered to every defendant, seizing the opportunity to take advantage of this alternative to a standard penalty could significantly improve the outcome of your situation.

I have defended many individuals facing all types of drug crime charges, as I am also a Miami drug crimes attorney backed by a successful background as a Public Defender who spent many years fighting for clients in criminal courts. When facing drug charges, whether at the state or federal level, you will benefit from my intensive experience, skills, and dedication. You will also be treated as the unique individual you are facing a difficult challenge as we work to help you achieve the best possible case result.