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violent crimes

violent crimes

Violent crimes are those that involve aggressive acts committed against others. These are acts that can cause bodily injury, the threat of bodily injury, or the actual death of another. Your life can be heavily impacted not only by criminal penalties but by the collateral damage of an accessible conviction record found through a routine background check on the internet. These crimes can include assault, battery, robbery, kidnapping, manslaughter, murder, and carjacking.

Because of the serious nature of violent offenses, you need a trusted criminal defense attorney. One of my major practice areas lies in defending clients throughout Miami, Broward County, and Palm Beach County of crimes ranging from low-level misdemeanors to serious felonies. I have important trial experience as an attorney which is vital when charged with a crime that must be defended in court.

Florida law includes many acts that are considered violent crimes. Penalties for these are generally harsh depending on the nature of the offense, whether weapons were used, the extent of any injuries to alleged victims, and any previous convictions. I can conduct a thorough investigation of your charges in search of material that can be used in your defense.

Many legal strategies can be used to attack the prosecution’s efforts to convict you or to lessen charges and penalties. I take every possible legal measure to help you achieve the best possible case outcome as a skilled and proven criminal defense attorney who can make a difference in the outcome of your case. With my help, you will have the benefit of proven representation from a trial-tested attorney working in the criminal justice system.

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