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I am that lawyer

The attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 was one of the most horrific acts to happen on American soil. Unfortunately, it also resulted in widespread Islamophobia. As a Pakistani immigrant, I experienced it first-hand. I was called names in school and stopped routinely at airports for years after the 2001 attacks.

As a lawyer, I see how this Islamophobia has translated in our criminal courts by wrongfully accusing Muslims or people from Muslim countries with terrorism.

Terrorism cases are some of the toughest to defend because the laws are purposefully written to be extremely broad. The Government wants to “catch” as many people as it can in an effort to protect the United States from terrorist attacks. The unfortunate result of these really broad laws is a lot of people who have nothing to do with terrorist organizations are wrongfully accused of terrorism.

You need a lawyer who understands your culture and can explain it to people who have wrong ideas about what it means to be Muslim. You also need a lawyer who is able to effectively communicate with you and your family so you can have the best defense possible. As a Pakistani and extremely skilled defense attorney, I am that lawyer.


Deciding on who to hire to fight for your loved one’s freedom is one of the hardest responsibilities a person can have. Lawyers make their websites look perfect and invest in advertising, so on paper, we all appear the same.

But we are all not the same. Most of the material you see on the internet can be paid for – nice photos, the words on a website, even many of the awards attorneys tout as a reflection of their skills.

As you make your decision about who to consult, I want to offer you transparency by sharing with you how I work on my cases. No case or client is the same. My goal is to create an individualized strategy for each and every client. This is how I do it.