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sex crimes

My mission

Crimes involving unlawful sexual activity are among the most serious crimes you will ever face. I am well aware of the gravity of sex crime allegations, and I know how deeply they can impact your life and that of your family. I work tirelessly to help protect you and your future and take aggressive action on your behalf, whether you are wrongfully convicted of committing a sex crime or are the victim of a sex crime.

These types of crimes are often difficult to defend due to the prejudice of others. They call for a tenacious and skilled attorney who believes that you deserve the best possible defense. Because of the severe consequences of a sex offense conviction, you need an attorney who will fight for you in securing the best possible result, especially since it’s crucial to understand how important it is to have a defense counsel. My mission is to unflinchingly aid those who suffer at the hands of others and who cannot speak for themselves, vigorously protecting your rights throughout the criminal court process.

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Sex crimes are based on the non-consent of the alleged victim which involves some type of unlawful sexual activity that is done for the gratification of the accused person. These crimes may or may not include force or threats of force. Common sex crimes under Florida law include indecent exposure, lewd or lascivious molestation, lewd and lascivious battery, sexual battery or rape: date rape and statutory rape, unlawful sexual activity with a minor, failure to register as a sex offender, child molestation, solicitation over the internet, revenge porn, or prostitution and solicitation. A conviction can result in jail or prison time, hefty fines, and lengthy probations. Certain sex crime convictions can result in mandatory sex offender registration.

If you have recently been arrested for any sex-related criminal offense in the Miami area, it is very easy to feel isolated, but you may have more defenses available to you than you initially realize, especially if you have been wrongfully accused of a crime you did not commit or you unwittingly engaged in a sex offense under Florida law. Miami prosecutors commonly offer plea deals to first-time offenders and those charged with nonviolent offenses, and they are rarely extended in sex crime cases. If a sex crime involves substantial harm to the victim, it’s likely the prosecution will seek the maximum allowable penalty under Florida law. The defendant will also face liability for civil damages the victim incurred.

Time is a critical concern after any arrest, especially when a defendant is charged with serious sex crimes. I am aware of how local prosecutors tend to handle these cases and the tactics they typically use to secure convictions, including the common obstacles and opportunities facing defendants in these cases. My core mission is to defend women, children, and any other oppressed victims who have experienced these crimes and must now deal with the aftermath. While it’s natural to worry about the penalties you face for any criminal offense, I am ready to provide the compassionate and responsive defense counsel you need to feel more confident in this challenging situation.